Luke’s Locks Names Top 7 Benefits of Calling an Automotive Locksmith

Despite misnomers to the contrary, an automotive locksmith doesn’t “break into” a vehicle. They utilize high-tech tools and technology, combined with specialised training, to safely and efficiently gain access to vehicles for their clients. Luke’s Locks provides mobile, 24-hour emergency service for vehicles in urban Melbourne areas and the Mornington Peninsula.

Luke’s Locks provides vehicle owners with a comprehensive array of services to repair and replace locks to doors, ignitions and boots. They can accommodate replacement keys for many models, rekey locks, and are familiar with the array of advanced security systems installed in vehicles.

When faced with being locked out of their vehicle due to a lost or broken key, most individuals immediately panic and try to gain entrance themselves instead of calling a professional locksmith. Vehicles are specifically designed to deter would-be thieves and motorists that attempt a do-it-yourself approach to gain access often cause much more extensive damage than a broken key.

The Top 7 benefits of calling a professional automotive locksmith are:

  1. 24-hour emergency locksmith service
  2. Mobile service that comes to customers
  3. Specially trained in keys, locks and vehicle security systems
  4. Have tools and equipment specifically designed for the task
  5. Can open locks without damaging the vehicle
  6. Have the ability to open a vehicle in minutes
  7. Can replace a lock on-site if needed

The most frequent problem faced by motorists is being locked out of their vehicle and many individuals hesitate to call a professional locksmith due to embarrassment. Lost keys and vehicle lockouts are common and individuals should remember – even locksmiths can get locked out of their vehicle.

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Faced with being locked out of their car, a broken key or one that’s stuck in a lock can have a serious impact on families, employment and personal safety. Luke’s Locks maintains offices in Bundoora, Diamond Creek, Eltham, Greensborough, Rosanna and South Morang, serving most Melbourne suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula with convenient automotive locksmith services.

Luke’s Locks provides professional automotive locksmith services for vehicles of all types to speed customers on their way. The company’s trained professionals offer 24-hour service to change locks, remove broken or stuck keys, and open locked vehicles. The company provides quick and efficient service for peace of mind.

For more information, call 0424 348 648 or visit Luke’s Locks online.

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