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Solar Heating Units Provide Warm Pools for Cold Weather

Homeowners seeking to extend the swimming season with their pool can do so by installing a cost-effective solar pool heating system. Our business is an industry leader and has multiple types of solar heating systems from which to choose. Each solar heating system has its own requirements, but one feature remains constant – solar power is free.

With the solar heating systems of Supreme Heating WA, owners can extend the use of their pools for up to six months and with appropriate maintenance the systems will provide solid service for up to 20 years. Solar pool heating systems are quiet and can be installed in multiple ways to take advantage of free power from the sun, even on cloudy days.

Panel Systems

A panel solar heating system utilizes panels to collect the sun’s energy. They can be mounted on a flat roof or on a concrete slab, and come in models that can be controlled manually or automatically. Water flows through the panels and is heated before being returned to the pool. Panel systems are inexpensive to operate, environmentally friendly and ideal for harsh climates.

Strip Systems

A strip solar heating can increase pool temperatures by up to 10 degrees and offer high performance service. The low maintenance system circulates water through solar collector tubes positioned on a roof. As water flows through the collectors, it’s heated and circulated back to the pool. Automatic and manually controlled options are available. Supreme Heating WA’s strip system is the first complete, full length piping system in Australia.

Evacuated Tube systems

An evacuated tube heating system warms water indirectly by routing it though a heat exchanger. The tubes react to solar energy by creating steam that rises and is transferred back to the exchanger where it’s sent to the pool. The evacuated tube system is more compact and offers more options in regard to roof space installation.

Professional installation is essential for solar-based pool heating systems. Installers must be cognizant of wide range of variables for systems, ranging from pool dimensions, water volume and desired temperatures to local laws, permits needed and the directional orientation of the pool and home.

Supreme Heating has a number of solar heating systems from which to choose. The high performance systems are reliable throughout a range of climate considerations and available to accommodate a number of budgets. Swimming is an excellent way to exercise and have fun with friends and family. The solar heating systems at Supreme Heating allow homeowners to extend the swimming season by creating an oasis of warmth when inclement weather strikes.

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